A bold new tool, developed by women, to redefine breast cancer screening.

There are so many questions around breast health in the United States.

How much will it cost?

Does insurance cover my screening mammogram?

I don’t have insurance, now what?

At what age do I start screening?

What if I have family history of breast cancer?

Do I need a referral?

I don’t have a primary or regular doctor; do I need one?

How many appointments will I need to make?

Do I really need to go every year for a mammogram?

You want to do WHAT!? Is this going to hurt?

Is this a female only staff?

What happens if you see or find something?

Will there be a translator available?

Hablas Español?

Are you sure this is safe?

How am I going to get there; the center is over 2 hours away?

I was told I have dense breasts; what does that mean?

I don’t have anyone to watch my kids; how long is this going to take?

Eight different organizations offer suggestions on when and how women should screen for breast cancer.

Melody offers a way to personalize and bring clarity to your breast cancer screening.


Melody will lead to a community of longer, more joyful lives connected by equal access to quality care.

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